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Loving the Wildlife

Fota isn’t just about the flora and fauna, though these are spectacular throughout the seasons. It’s also about nature, birds, bees, butterflies and some elusive animals. Here are some of the creatures we happily share Fota with. 

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An Eastern Gem – Other gardens

Leytown by the sea. And nearby, Sonairte, an organic garden which is like a glimpse of another world. A world of ancient apple trees, vibrant rows of organic vegetables, birdsong and the river Nanny flowing slowly by.  Sonairte is an “interactive visitor centre promoting ecological awareness and sustainable living”. This 10 acre project was set up in  1986 by members of the local community. The walled garden has rows of organic (certified) fruit trees and vegetables beds. The woodland walk follows the river along a Salt Marsh and leads to a bird hide with a view of  local wildlife and Ballygarth Castle. Volunteering at Fota makes us curious about other gardens and this curiosity led us to Sonairte in “The Ninch”.

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Bath time at Fota!

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Birds need water. For both drinking and washing. It’s not uncommon to see larger birds dipping pieces of dry bread into water, to soften it and make it easier to eat. But even the small birds can only eat so many dry seeds and nuts without a welcome drink of water. Washing gives the birds a chance to get rid of the dust on their feathers, dispose of mites and parasites. Or maybe they just enjoy it!

Recently we observed a blackbird and a thrush sharing the bird-bath at Fota. Here’s what we saw…

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