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frame yard 

noun: an enclosed area where plants and vegetables are grown in frames

                                        origin, mid C19th                                         

Oxford English Dictionary


Welcome to the Fota Frameyard Volunteers’ Blog!

The Frameyard is a warm and peaceful space on the grounds of Fota House, on the Great Island in Cork Harbour.

In the 19th Century, it was called Foaty. The Irish word for it is Fóite. But nowadays it is generally referred to as simply Fota. While the origins of the name are uncertain, there is a suggestion that it derives from Fodh Te, or warm earth. Whatever the origin of the estate name, our Frameyard is a haven of abundant growth, with bees, birds and butterflies co-existing happily with the gardener, volunteers and general public who come to visit. 

Under the experienced eye of our gardener, Bernard, we propagate, sow seeds, cultivate and generally nurture the plants, fruit and vegetables.  When the Frameyard is open, we sell some of these plants and fresh produce. When it’s closed, we continue to work behind the scenes, helping to maintain this beautifully restored environment. 

In this blog we’d like to take the opportunity to share with you our experiences, stories, knowledge and love of gardening, nature and heritage.

If you’d like to volunteer at Fota House and Fota Frameyard, please go to the FOTA House website for details

Fota Frameyard Volunteers.